I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.I travel for travel’s sake.The Great Affair is to move.Rober Louis Stevenson

Ride Philosophy

We live to de-mystify the semantics of a road trip on two wheels and inspire the ”rider” in you. We have a well-defined plan and know where we are headed, so we can worry about the mind-miles, time frames and budgets while you revel in the spontaneity, spirit of adventure and fascinations between the start and end-point.

Travel inspiration

Travel planning is our passion. We have designed our tours after several years of traveling in these parts. We started this company with a desire to share our adventures and thereby the possibility to keep returning – allowing us curate exciting and unique itineraries, that are based on an intimate knowledge of people and places.

Karma Connect

We believe travel is the ultimate autotelic experience – breathtaking vistas, inspiring locals and perspiring fellow travellers included. The places we travel and people we’ve met on the road, allowed us to return to the daily grind, richer in significant ways.
But at some point, our perceived inability to return this Karma left a void and we craved a medium to give back in some measure, not financial but as an act more personal in nature.
The first of these initiatives is KYTA (Karma Yatri Travel and Art) showcase, in the pristine Himalayan village of Kalga. Now in its third year, KYTA brings together artists form all over the world, to travel to Kalga and create a physical connect with their surroundings and fellow inhabitants using their own unique mediums.
From fundraisers and volunteer work, to many other exciting possibilities, we forever hope to use travel as a platform to create a network of like-minded individuals and keep returning the good karma.
The road never ends…


2 Decades of motorcycling and the opportunity to live in many parts of India and Europe. A passion that keeps growing with every riding season. New roads to discover, more friends to ride with is his mantra. He speaks Hindi, Kashmiri, Tamil, English, German, French & a smattering of other Indian dialiects


A native of Himachal, Sanju has been associated with travel from his childhood, acompanying his father (a trekking guide) on trans Himalayan expeditions. He is the tour manager and your go to guy for anything you may need. A certified rescue professional, he ensures that our tours run seamlessly


Our Chief mechanic and a member of the core team since the inception of the company. He takes meticulous care of our fleet of motorcycles and ensures that each customers specific requirements are taken care of. The earliest riser on expeditions, he ensures that each bike is adjusted and ready for the days ride.

Our team has certified First Aid professionals and we carry Back Up Oxygen, Neck Brace, a First aid Kit and an standard evacuation procedure. Well established links with hospitals en-route and experience in spotting early signs of AMS.

We do not carry a GPS. We have travelled in these regions quite extensively and should the need arise, we prefer to rely on the HPS (Human Positioning System) which allows us to have unique interactions and spontaneous adventure.”

We provide you with best-in-class motorcycles from the makers of the legendary Royal Enfield. A brand spanning lifetimes, it is the essence of a classic in today’s modern world. A subtle reminder of bygone days conjured in nostalgic reference.