The Pin Parvati Pass

Considered by many, as one of the most technically challenging treks in the lesser Himalayas, the drastic change in altitude is what makes Pin-Parvati pass a special one. We need to ascend as much as 3000M to summit, making proper acclimatisation critical. Its also visually one of the most stunning treks, taking you from one distinct geographical zone to another. … Read More

Kalga to Khirganga

One of the easiest treks in the gorgeous Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh, the route to Khirganga is a treat for every kind of trekking enthusiast. ITINERARY Day 1  Kalga – Khirganga (2400 mts) (9 kms/ 5-6 hrs) Day 2 Khirganga – Kalga/Bhunbuni (1990 mts/2800 mts) (9 kms/4 -7 hrs) Day 3 Bhunbuni – Kalga (1990 mts) (8 kms/4 hrs)