Get Leh’d in Ladakh- Maximum Leh

Through all our trips leading into and out of Leh, we realised that both, the approach from Manali and from Srinagar, takes quite a toll on the rider as well as the days. Whilst this is to be accepted considering the roads you are passing through and the rewards are equally spectacular, but once in Leh, the body already bears signs of fatigue. And with half the trip time already over, there remains but a few days to explore the splendours of Leh & Ladhak.

This itinerary has been devised to give you a,”Maximum Leh” experience. Yes you will have to fly in and out of Leh but what this trip will give you in return, will be beyond compare. We cover 3 radially different directions keeping Leh as our convergence point. The road to Lamayuru is part of the spectacular NH1 and we cover only the better parts of the highway. Nubra valley will enchant you, physically crossing the (arguably) highest motorable road in the world coupled with the surreal vistas Hundar and Panamik. The Changthang has got to be the most enigmatic of landscapes in this region and if the ride to Pangong Tso does not do it for you, your picnic with Marmots surely will.

This ride starts on Saturday morning at Leh. A short briefing session, introductions and other necessities completed, we hit the road for the beginning of our little adventure.


Spend the day acclimatising. Visit the town, and allow your lungs to settle to the altitude. Copious amounts of water and light physical activity will be the need for the day.

Day 2. LEH- LAMAYURU (150 km)
Surreally perfect roads in a landscape which is as harsh as its mesmerising. We cross the magnetic hill on our way to Ladhak’s famous Lamayuru monastery. We can choose to stay on the spectacular NH1 or alternatively detour to the older and more challenging road. Detours to visit some monastaries that sprout along the way and come to rest at a guesthouse at the base of the Lamayuru monastery.

Day 3. LAMAYURU- ALMOST LEH (150 km)
The return journey will trace the other option route that we decided against on the previous day. We halt at a small village a few km shay of Leh. This stop is purely due to an aspect of the,”Karma Connect.”

Day 4. LEH-HUNDAR (150km)
Our destination for the day is also our excuse for being on the trip. We attempt Khardung La (5,540m), the highest motorable road in the world. We continue onwards to the gorgeous Nubra valley. We a ride the double humped Bactrian camel before settling for the night at our camp site.

Day 5 NUBRA VALLEY (150km)
Turtusk was opened to tourists only in 2009. In a world of billions, rarely do we find a place which has been visited by people numbering only in hundred’s. Ride back to Hundar and the 600 year old monastary at Diskit. We proceed onwards to the hot springs of Panamik before we halt for the night in another picturesque homestay in the Nubra valley.

Day 6. PANAMIK- ALMOST LEH (160km)
The return journey to Leh is another surprise of this circuit.A different route into Leh. Know to most but explored by a few, this route will take you to the most transient pass in the Himalayas. Every vision of the Himalayas, every landscape and every whimsicalness of the Himalayan streams and glaciers will be experienced on this ride.

Day 7. LEH- PANGONG (137 km)
Today you’ll cross another high pass (Chang La, 5289 M) and a crazy stream of glacier melts (Paagal Nala) to reach the banks of Pangong Tso. A 134 km long lake, one of the largest brackish lakes in Asia ,at an altitude 4350m in the Changthang region of Ladakh. Laze around the camps, enjoy spectacular views of the lake changing its colours . Tented accomadation.

Day 8. PANGONG-LEH (137 km)
The return journey will introduce you to Marmots. A animal from the rodent family found only at very high altitudes. The Changthang is considered to be one of the prettiest parts of Ladhak. With a startling green in the predominantly sand coloured Ladhaki palette, this region is all the reason you need to find yourself on this trip.


This ride ends on a Sunday at Leh, from where we travel onwards to catch our respective flights/bus/taxi to your chosen destination. Transfers can be facilitated but are not included in cost of the tour package.

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