Kaziranga & The Hornbill Festival at Nagaland

The North East region of India is in density one of the most diverse regions anywhere in the world. With 7 distinct states covering more than 100 unique tribes in a wild& harsh environment, means unique traditions that have survived centuries due to the Geographic isolation. Only recently incorporated into the tourist circuit, it still remains a place of untouched beauty and in many ways the last frontier.

Nagaland, in the North East of India, is one its smallest states yet one which has immense diversity. A population of about 2 million people comprising 16 distinct tribes means a linguistic & cultural potpourri of dramatic proportions.

Recent history(about 100 years) connecting some of these tribes to Head- Hunting, and cannibalism as well as one of the largest conversions to Christianity has rendered Nagaland with a paradoxical and mysterious lure.
Sparsely exploited by tourism it holds on with ferocity to timeless traditions and beliefs handed down over centuries.

Started in the year 2000 by the Government of Nagaland, Tourism and Art & Culture Departments, the Hornbill Festival is held every year during the first week of December where all the tribes come together to showcase their unique traditions combined with a display of arts & crafts, music & dance and food & culture.
Finding a reference in the folklore of practically every tribe, The Hornbill holds a unique place in this regions beliefs and thus the aptly named festival.
Karma Yatri provides you a glimpse into this exciting region by means of a road trip that will combine parts of Assam’s Kaziranga with Nagaland and the Hornbill Festival. Thus enabling you to experience a greater slice of the North East yet focussing on the cultural extravaganza of the Hornbill Festival.

9 days and 8 nights

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