The Pin Parvati Pass

Considered by many, as one of the most technically challenging treks in the lesser Himalayas, the drastic change in altitude is what makes Pin-Parvati pass a special one. We need to ascend as much as 3000M to summit, making proper acclimatisation critical. Its also visually one of the most stunning treks, taking you from one distinct geographical zone to another.

The Pin Parvati trek starts from the lush green Kullu valley, and takes you through coniferous forests, alpine meadows, to the glacial lake of Mantalai,the source of river Parvati.
Over the glaciated pass, to the barren and rugged landscape of the Spiti valley. Alongwith the transient landscape, the culture of the inhabitants also changes olong the trek, with Hindu Gods and temples on the Kullu side, to predominantly Buddhist monasteries and monks towards Spiti.

First crossed in August 1884, by Sir Louis Dane in search of an alternate route to the Spiti, the Pin Parvati pass lies at an altitude of 5319 m on the Kullu Spiti Divide. The Pin-Parvati trek is a perfect blend of varying flora, fauna and culture, offering you the full mountain experience – right from the hot springs of Khirganga, to the steel cable pulley-bridge we take to cross a river, to the glacier we’ll camp on, to the steep snow and rock slopes we’ll walk on high up on the pass, and myriad rock formations of the Pin valley .

Trip Duration: 11-14 days
Best Months: August & September
Weather: Days will be pleasant, with possibilities of light rain and wind. Days on the glacier and nights will be cold.
Level of experience: Prior trekking experience is required

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