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The steamy heartland of India’s subcontinent – South India, is a 635,780 sq-km melting pot of coastlines, plains, forests, mountain ranges , rolling hills , lakes , creeks, backwaters,  food, beaches, waterfalls, ferry crossings, endless sunsets, spirituality, spices & sun.

Let’s begin a list of reasons a motorcycle tour in South India is an experience you should not miss out on ..



Jagged mountains, sublime coastlines, tropical forests, fertile farmlands, waterfalls and lagoons- there is a little bit of everything for all tastes.

Surprises around every corner, as you dart across a constantly changing landscape amidst a kaleidoscope of culture and color. Every day presents such a dramatic change in  topography and visuals, making the experience exciting and dynamic, with a regularity that only adds to the thrills of road- tripping.

beach shore golden sands in coastal India. motorcycle tour in South India men pulling boat to shore south india. motorcycle tour in South India
 mountain-peaks-and-clouds-in-south-india farm-lands-in-konkan-region-south-india



An epicurean fantasy, the food in South India is a reward for the road tripping soul. Those many hours on the saddle just course by, with the knowledge, of a spectacular meal waiting around the next bend. Served on the ubiquitous banana leaf plate which guarantees a guilt free indulgence, transporting you to gluttonous nirvana.

Experience the same main ingredient (say the Surmai fish) transform, along the coast every 100 km or so, as each region puts its unique twist using an age old (often passed down through generations) recipe.

The street side snacks, the freshly brewed tea, the fresh juices, filter coffee, exotic fruits, Dosa, Parotta, Biryani.

For those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, a host of – drink at your own peril – local brews & ferments, and accompanying snacks & pickles. 

filter coffee and medu wada south india masala dosa south india udipi
vada pao, wada pav, or wada pao vegetarian fast food dishtraditional seafood meal konkan coast india


#3 A motorcycle tour in South India – THE ROADS

Mountain twisties, high speed expressways, jungle tracks, plantation trails, coastal roads, village by-lanes and so much more. The focus is on exploring the performance of your machine, without the fear of a dramatic change in the chosen road characteristic.

The quality of tarmac is excellent in most parts and the off- roads are challenging making it a true moto experience without the extremes of high altitude or climate change.

A true sense of synchronicity develops between the man, machine & the terrain. The adrenaline pulses, but in measured doses.


beach road coconut trees south india karnataka. motorcycle tour in South India Beach road next to Arabian sea south india

Beach road next to Arabian sea south india motorcycle tour in South India Ghat roads in south west India. motorcycle tour in South India



The epicenter of Dravidian art – the mastery of man over material is at full display with epics being intricately carved into granite, marble and sandstone. Millennia old temples, cities laid in ruins, monolithic sculpture, houses and public buildings showcasing a living museum of cross cultural influences.

Humble aboriginal structures using natural easily available materials, to palatial mansions with massive teak wood columns, rosewood furniture inlaid with ivory and open courtyards. Ornate palaces filled with gilted excesses to the Gothic influences in colonial architecture.

Forts, Churches, Synagogues and Mosques with various antiquity are scattered across the landscape and the Temple architecture opens up a completely new chapter of explorations and inferences.


temple ruins in Karnataka Sea fort on Konkan coast

chapel in South Goa india cavesite temple karnataka india


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