North India

26 Nights - 25 Days

Price INR 500000

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Total Distance: 4000 KM 
Season: September – December

9 Nights - 10 Days

Price INR 180000

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The Himalayas are a temperamental mistress , one who enthralls you or could take your life in a minute. Though the faint of heart steer clear of it’s environs; it’s beauty and challenges are not lost on the adventurous, and the people who call it home. The section of the Himalayas that border India and separate it from the Tibetan plateau has created so much mystery, folk-lore and adventure that, it’s hard to not keep coming back once you have tasted, felt and lived these mountain paths.

Total Distance: 1450 KM 
Season: July – September

8 nights 9 days

Price INR 180000

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Everyone has heard of Nepal. Home to the (real) Mount Everest and to the (fabled) Yeti, this Himalayan kingdom has ,from time immemorial, sparked the imagination of adventurers and seekers. Home to 7 of the 10 highest peaks in the world, this is an ancient cultural heritage, in the heart of the youngest mountains in the world- straddling a fine line between modernity and primordial.

Total Distance: 1150 KM 

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