Cliched as it sounds you cant get enough of the wind , the sound of an engine, the road curving ahead and a feeling of awesome that comes with getting out on a ride!

B-Y-O-B stands for ‘Bring Your Own Bike’ and Karma Yatri invites you on a ride every weekend to some of the lesser known gems around Mumbai and Pune.Every edition of the BYOB rides had a circuit with different strokes for different folks, so I decided to join one of them and here’s seven reasons I wouldn’t do it again.

#1 The bike I got as a rental was not a Bajaj Avenger.. the outrage!!

# 2 No one smiled …

#3 The stop for lunch was not a Mc Donalds or a Restaurant .. Arrgh!

#4 Horror of horrors- the food was freshly prepared and BBQ’d .. never in my life …

#5 I did not ride the entire morning to be surrounded by nature

#6 Did I mention that the bikes were just not cool ..

#7: The views were: Meh…

There you have it! I feel that you should stay away from the pleasures of riding on the weekends .. it’s just not worth it!

If you however you think I’m being too spoilt, then I would say, you sir are meant for the outdoors, so stay away from this precious advice I have just imparted and check out