You’ve got the inspiration , you have the time and you’ve made up your mind – You are taking that long motorcycle trip in India ! But, don’t know where  or what to start planning from ?

Take a word trip with us  on a detailed guide of all the tips, tricks, and questions you may have about your motorcycle adventure in India ..

long motorcycle trip in India Motorcycles with luggage facing beach cliff

 1. Efficient Luggage system, Packing tips, How much to carry ?

Travelling with luggage on a motorcycle can be done efficiently with the right tools. 

What are these tools ? 

Each has its individual benefits and challenges, the right combination of these tools, allowing you to increase the amount of motorcycle touring luggage you can safely carry, while also having easy access to items needed when riding.

Why do these tools makes it easier ?

It evenly distributes the luggage weight around the bike, providing better stability on tricky road conditions, and is definitely more suited for riding long ‘per day’ distances.

How much should I pack for a long motorcycle trip in India?  

When packing the ideal rule of thumb is 

  • Three shirts/tees

  • Three pairs of jeans

  • Inners, anything you wear on-person on a daily basis. 

Alternate these items for : riding, relaxing in the evening, and for any emergencies. This becomes your base.  Anything you build over this should be considered as ‘required & quintessential’ or you will end up lugging it around for the trip. Avoid huge bottles of toiletries or makeup (spillage gets messy and fast). 

What is the ideal amount of luggage to pack on a long motorcycle trip in India ?

Personally, I prefer to pack enough luggage that will fit in a saddle bag, tank bag and only if needed a 30-50 litre rucksack, plus necessary tools and spares. All this can be removed easily at the end of the day when walking to a hotel or away from your motorcycle for sometime. A Ladakh carrier can carry a lot more and is very helpful when riding with a pillion. Though, treat your bike like a ship, because that’s what it will handle like. 😉 

long motorcycle trip in india gps tracker and mobile phone mount motorcycle

2. Navigating and mitigating risk using GPS, Offline maps and Road maps.  

Your best friend on a motorcycle trip is GPS, until it’s not. 

The best way to navigate on a motorcycle journey is to have both the old school and new school solutions.

While the ideal option for long distance touring is a dedicated GPS tracker device. Technology today, will allow you to download a paid or free GPS software directly to your phone. The most reliable options are:

  • Waze  

  • Google Maps

Both apps have their disadvantages and benefits, with Waze being more reliable in real time ‘re-route’ options, as it uses less mobile data. 

These days there are a bunch of interesting Apps for motorcyclists  worth a look and phone mounts for your motorcycle also present a lot of options.

What is the advantage of having GPS when motorcycle touring ?

Especially, when riding a new route or unfamiliar territory, a GPS system will save you the effort of :

Having to stop every now and then to ask directions or have to leave your bike by itself to ask someone . 

Sometimes, no one maybe around or you may be travelling through a protected wildlife sanctuary,deserted route,stranded after dark etc. and unable to ask for directions

The advantage of  being able to pre-tag help markers (like police stations & hospitals) for an emergency.

What is the safest solution for motorcycle touring with GPS ?

The best way to navigate on a motorcycle journey is to have both the old school and new school solutions.

Carry an updated road map and pre-save your GPS route with important help locations marked out. This will avoid the mistake of being stranded in an area that has no internet connection or phone connectivity and save you time when in an emergency. There also exists an option to use offline maps as well. 


long motorcycle trip in india Man in riding gear on a royal enfield Himalayan


3. Gear essentials, summer motorcycling gear, benefits of a hydration kit, earplugs & a soft piece of cloth.. 

When touring long distances in South India, summer riding gear is ideal. Here’s a checklist for gear to use : 

Some tips and tricks to help you ride with gear in all conditions


Long motorcycle trip in india Two motorcycle and riders crossing a mountain road in kashmir . adventure motorcycle tours route is Kashmir to Ladakh


4. Why do I need travel insurance for a motorcycle trip?

While the concept of Travel Insurance may seem boring..  possibly trivial in light of the adventure you are about to plan, it actually is important. And just like you would choose the right motorcycle gear, you need proper motorcycle travel insurance.

Logically, you would think generic travel insurance is the way to go. But, once you make it known, that you are on a motorcycle trip, a number of general travel insurance companies won’t be of much help. 

What to keep in mind when considering motorcycle travel insurance ? 

The most important factor to keep in mind is not to be penny wise, pound foolish. Saving a little money by not giving proper details on the type of trip,  location of the trip, and class of bike you will be riding, are potential reasons for your insurance claim to be rejected.

When you compare the cost of potential bills without insurance versus the correct motorcycle travel insurance policy that costs a little extra money. Hands down your policy cost will be cheaper and keep you stressfree. 


What are the main points to keep in mind when booking motorcycle travel insurance for a long motorcycle trip in India ? 

Travel insurance for motorcyclists needs to cover 










Coming up in Part 2 of planning a long motorcycle trip in india 

5 Eating right, sleeping right

6 Preparing for the weather and riding from sunrise to sunset

7 Having safety cash and daily expenses planned

8 Setting the pace for the ride (maintain optimal speed) , and taking regular breaks