Tropical Twister (with Lime)!

This circuit is as heady a mix as the cocktail it’s inspired from!

Key Information


    1233 KM


    8 Nights 9 Days

  • Start/End

    Goa Airport


    RE Himalayan


    70% Tarmac,
    30 % off roads

  • Skill Level





    INR 1,60,000


    INR 16,000



November, 15th - 23rd 2024


South India
15 Nov 2024 to 23 Nov 2024

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    The colonial hangover is an oft repeated phrase when it comes to describing India and parts of the sub-continent. We took the literal out of the metaphor and decided to curate a ride that celebrates a region that was crafted through an unmistakable colonial influence that is still visible today.

    Among many things that happened under the colonial rule, as a Moto enthusiast, our favourite is the unmistakable footprint on the Western Ghats, in the form of plantations – Tea, Coffee, Rubber & Spices . Whilst it, unfortunately resulted in large scale decimation of pristine forests, it opened up , to motorists, one of the most spectacular circuits anywhere in the world.


    Day 1: Arrive at Goa – Transfer to hotel

    50 Kilometers

    Arrive at the airport and our team will transfer you to your beachside hotel in the Northern half of this sun-soaked state. Sun, surf, pristine beaches, nightlife, food, everything that makes the start of a perfect holiday! Meet the Karma Yatri team and the other riders. Take a short spin to check out your motorcycles and get a feel for the traffic. Soak in the first of many gorgeous sunsets and enjoy the gentle surf of the Arabian Sea.

    Day 2: North Goa – South Goa

    60/100 Kilometers

    Churches, bridges, islands, and ferries, the first half of today takes you inland to parts of Goa that are less touristy than the beaches, yet offer a diversity of culture and landscape. Perfect for a motorcycle adventure, the roads are in great condition and trace across the countryside in a dark pattern of electric cable-like interconnections.

    Get on barge-like ferries and cross onto the larger river islands and further cross over to Old Goa’s historic quarter. Riding along stunning architecture, proceed towards the southern extremity of the state, settling down to yet another gorgeous sunset.

    Day 3: South Goa – Jog Falls

    260/300 Kilometers

    From the ocean to the deep jungle, the twists in this ride are just about to begin. A secret road that takes you through the heart of the forest, onto a dirt track leading to a small stream. You are suddenly at a border checkpoint and as you check, you are informed that on crossing the stream, you have entered the state of Karnataka.

    You are now in a proper hill country and the associated twisties. Long sweeping bends and sharp flicking switch-backs as you course through low mountains, blanketed in forest cover. Finish the ride in a plantation bungalow in the midst of Beetle-nut palms, surrounded by the cacophony of cicadas, monkeys, and birds.

    Day 4: Jog Falls – Chickmangaluru

    210 Kilometers

    Great roads through the lush countryside. An invisible dividing line between manmade cultivation and natural forest, the road bears testament to the slow and steady press of humanity into these once impenetrable forests. You are approaching the historic heartland of coffee, Chikmangluru. This is where the first (smuggled) seeds of coffee were planted in India by the sage, Baba Budan.

    A special detour onto a road passing through one of the oldest privately held plantations showcases cultivated biodiversity that has been nurtured and managed for over a few centuries.

    Day 5: Chickmangaluru local

    50 Kilometers

    A forest within a forest would be an apt description of this region. The specificity of coffee plantations needing the shade of tall trees ensures that the ecosystem is not a sterile monoculture of coffee bushes. Several high peaks have viewpoints that allow for great riding stretches that are a mix of on and off-road. Enjoy the hospitality of a plantation bungalow and hear tales of generations that have nurtured the lands they live on.

    Day 6: Chickmanaluru – Malpe

    212 Kilometers

    A short road trip to a 5th-century living architecture site, the temples of Belur will transport you to a time of impeccable craftsmanship of art that was patronized by the rulers of this region. One of the iconic sites of South Indian temple architecture, this diversion in the road trip is a reminder of the historic footprint of the land you are traveling through.

    Another gorgeous stretch of tarmac that traverses the western ghats before you descend towards the coast. A short break by the lighthouse of Kaup before a final stretch along a gorgeous lesser road that’s sandwiched between the ocean and a freshwater lagoon.

    Day 7: Malpe – Gokarna

    177 Kilometers

    A beautiful highway along a landscape of water, speckled with islands of lush green teeming with birdlife and picture-perfect small boat fishermen practicing an ancient art form that allowed a sustainable existence with the bounty of nature.

    You are in back-water country which in part is fertile cultivated fields and in part an island of mangrove forest, all interconnected through a series of bridges that provide a fitting viewpoint of this dramatic landscape. Hippie vibes await at Kudle, a reminder that Goa is just a couple of hours away.

    Day 8: Gokarna – Goa

    134 Kilometers

    Ride along Highway 66; it’s not a verified fact but this is possibly a take on America’s Route 66 or it’s an interesting name coincidence? A brand new, multi-lane expressway that stretches along the West coast from Mumbai to Kanyakumari. The re-entry to Goa is rather nostalgic, like coming back to meet a dear friend.

    Slowly make your way towards the capital, your journey, a truncated series of stops for chai, coconut water, or a smoke. Somehow an attempt at prolonging this final day, savoring every last bit on the road, reliving this adventure on two wheels.

    Day 9: Departure day (Goa)
    • A taxi can be conveniently organized at the hotel that you are staying (Appx INR 2000)
    • Depart to the airport with enough time for the check in procedure (appx 1.5-2 hrs prior to departure)
    • Your Goa to Dehli/Mumbai flight will be a local flight so, immigration formalities will not be required.



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