Weekend riding plans are the best kind of creature.. you dont have to pack too much, the friend who cant make those long trips – can make it, and it easy on your wallet, given how the city wants every rupee of it. The only stickler is that you have the limited options of taking only this highway or that – to this destination or that. This led us breaking our heads over the small squiggly lines in Gmaps and thinking … these squiggly lines could be fun and that’s exactly what we intend to do.. Every weekend Karma Yatri is out on an adventure to explore some of the lesser known roads around Pune and Mumbai – from lakes to dirt roads, smooth unexplored tarmac to vistas you may have never seen before; we are getting off the highway and into the hidden gems of our very own back yards – Pune and Mumbai.

B-Y-O- B stands for ‘Bring Your Own Bike’ and we want you to do just that; on a ride with us. Catch up with your buddies on the weekend, or make new ones, as we ride for a day or the entire weekend. The call is yours as to how far you would like to go. The Road never ends, when your having a good time…


What is BYOB: A day ride or weekend ride through Karma Yatri curated circuits around Pune and Mumbai.

When : Rides start on a Saturday morning , every Saturday and you have the option of doing a day ride (the whole Saturday) or if you want more then camp out Saturday night and be back in Mumbai Sunday evening.

What is needed: A motorcycle, valid riding license, a helmet and the curiosity to ride some of the lesser known roads around Pune and Mumbai.

Who can come: Anyone willing to explore and have a good time. If you can’t ride give us a shout and maybe we can arrange for you to ride as pillion. No restrictions on age or gender.

To sign up contact: 9920842043 / hashim@karmayatri.com / shawn@karmayatri.com
To kickstart the BYOB series we did a ride to Panchgani last weekend,here are some of the moments from the ride. Next weekend we are headed to Thokarwadi dam on the Indrayani river .. if you want join, give us a shout on 9920842043. Happy New Year everyone