Weekend riding plans are the best kind of creature… you don’t have too much to carry, the friend who can’t make those long trips is happy to join you, the adventure is easy on your wallet, and you’re back home in time to take on the week ahead – refreshed. The stickler is limited options of routes, which happen to be mostly major highways filled with trucks, vehicles, and well let’s face it uninspiring roads that go mostly in a straight line.

The BYOB series of rides started with us thinking about how we could do things different, within our area of the Western Ghats or the Shayadris as they are known here. The possibility of a new experience each time is limitless, not to mention the kind of views and vistas that photos won’t do justice too. All nestled within and around the forests, escarpments and hidden villages, relatively close to Mumbai and Pune.

Over several weekday evenings we mulled over smaller lines on the map; discussing & connecting the dots, and when the weekend came, we would head out on our motorcycles to test our theories. Motorcycles, friends and the road that never ends…

This became a habit and now every weekend Karma Yatri sets out to explore the lesser traveled routes around Pune and Mumbai – from lakes and dams to dirt roads and smooth unexplored tarmac; to villages and forts. It’s a small adventure into our very own backyards around Pune and Mumbai.

B-Y-O- B stands for ‘Bring Your Own Bike’ and we invite you on a ride with us. Catch up with your buddies on the weekend, or make new ones, on our one- day or full weekend rides.


What is BYOB: A day ride or weekend ride through Karma Yatri curated circuits around Pune and Mumbai.

When : Rides start on a Saturday morning , every Saturday and you have the option of doing a day ride (the whole Saturday) or if you want more, then camp out Saturday night and we’re be back in the city Sunday evening.

What is needed: A motorcycle, valid riding license, a helmet and the curiosity to ride some of the lesser known roads around Pune and Mumbai.

Who can come: Anyone willing to explore and have a good time. If you can’t ride give us a shout and maybe we can arrange for you to ride as pillion. No restrictions on age or gender.

To sign up contact: 9920842043 / hashim@karmayatri.com / shawn@karmayatri.com
The last weekend we headed out to Thokarwadi dam near Pune and it was a blast! The roads going into the dam are a challenge at first but as you proceed further to the dam from Kanhe phata they are a pleasure to ride around… Here are some pictures of the trip we had.

Next weekend we’re going to explore an alternate route from Mumbai to Pune using forest,village and lake lined roads… We begin at Mumbai riding towards the Korigad fort, one of the lesser know forts of Shivaji’s empire. Parts of the fort are still intact including its massive gate and cannons. We spend some time exploring the fort and then ride towards our next destination – a dam on the Mula river. We break for lunch and then proceed to ride alongside the scenic Pawana lake, finally making our way back to Lonavala for a quick stop and then onto Mumbai.