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The steamy heartland of India’s subcontinent – South India, is a 635,780 sq-km melting pot of coastlines, plains, forests, mountain ranges , rolling hills , lakes , creeks, backwaters,  food, beaches, waterfalls, ferry crossings, endless sunsets, spirituality, spices & sun.


Moving further from epic reasons to ride in South India Pt 1, we bring you five more reasons to motorcycle in this fabulous region.  Lets continue..


#5 A motorcycle trip in South India – THE WEATHER

Between November and February, South India has the perfect weather for a long  Road Trip on 2 wheels. The early morning and late night chills mixed with gentle warm sunshine make it a delight to travel and your safety is ensured using the minimum of protection.

Water bodies (Oceans, rivers, lagoons, mountain streams and waterfalls) at the perfect temperature and are super inviting for a spontaneous dip.

The ability to shift between the mountains and the coastline allows for a comfortable temperature profile throughout the day, making it a bliss for both man and machine.



ATM’s, card machines, repair shops, petrol pumps or cigarette papers . You can find it (mostly) without much trouble, allowing for a lot of spontaneity in road-tripping.

A wide range of comfortable and experiential accommodation across budgets allows for many choices and last minute decisions.

And if you are camping, the agreeable weather and friendly locals are ever so gracious in allowing the use of their backyard or fields. The trepidation of the unknown is a lot more muted in these parts with the knowledge that connectivity and access are mostly guaranteed.




Asian elephant drinking water western ghats grey malabar hornbill south india forest

leopard staring at camera Sahayadris India Fishing Eagle in forests of South india

A high density of protected forest areas are scattered across the landscape, their borderlines often blurring in their seamless transition to towns and settlements.

Based on your luck you could spot Elephants, Bison (Indian Gaur), several species of Deer, wild boar, porcupines and many different types of monkeys and reptiles. Often enough, the roads cut through these forests and if lady luck were to truly shine on you, your  reward , a sighting of the elusive Tiger, Leopard or a King Cobra.

Man and animal encounters/conflict are common occurrence, with development & conservation playing the two edged sword. A winter nesting ground for several migratory birds, the skies are a riot of color and sounds and many areas have been designated as protected reserves.




The original inhabitants of India(Dravidian), the antiquity of this land cannot be disputed. And surely enough the culture and art across this landscape is an ode to the sophistication of the fine arts.

What adds to the magic is that the tradition has remained alive, through continuous practice and patronage, even now, millennia old traditions are followed changing ever so little with time.

Preserved examples of art in various materials and formats is casually visible as you cut through this landscape and the sheer excess of performing arts is showcased by the classical forms of dance, music & martial arts.

Bharatanatyam dance by lady south india hindu god ganpati statue sahayadris india

hindu god ganpati statue sahayadris india Chinese fishing nets kerala kochi south india


#9 A motorcycle trip in South India – The PLANTATIONS

Welcome to motorcycling paradise.While a scattering of tea gardens can be found in some other parts of India, its essentially South India, that’s home to the large scale plantations growing Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Spices & Nuts.

The tropical weather coupled with the monsoons ensure that this land is bountiful  and large swathes were brought under cultivation of these cash crops several centuries ago. This presents a truly unique landscape which thrives in the symbiosis of man and nature presenting an endless green cover both natural and man made.

Most roads are well maintained and have low traffic while the inner estate trail present a great off-road challenge that’s perfect for all riding levels.

Beautiful-Tea-Plantation-Landscape-in-Munnar-in-India coffee plant in plantation in south india karnataka

tea plantation clouds passing over south india Tea plantation estate wayanad


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