This weekend was a special one as we rode through some spectacular roads surrounding three lakes close to Pune. The preparation for this ride was a hectic one with rental bikes needed to be arranged for riders, a BBQ lunch to be planned for, and a back -up vehicle to be stocked up. Though throughout all this the original flair for just hitting the road and riding our hearts out still remained.

We began the ride at a Bistro you should have a look at, if you like South-Indian cuisine with a organic swing. Dravida’s Bistro is located on Boat club road in Pune’s KP area. They had their doors open for us with piping hot coffee and chai at 6:am Sunday morning. As the riders arrived one by one and got to know one and another ,we were well on our way to starting the ride. After a light yet filling breakfast of Idli, Upma and Wada we set out in the first light of morning , but not without the riders first trying out the 500 CC bullets we had arranged for them..

Our first stop was to be the banks of the Khadakwasla lake , but in true Karma Yatri style we did things a bit differently; taking a route through dirt like roads that run alongside the canals that connect to the Mutha river. This is a stretch you need to experience yourself to believe, as you skip the main roads, zip by the canals and kick up dirt, without a need to break or swerve for usual traffic. small moments of bliss are seldom experienced so easily, or perhaps it is this easy.

By the time morning kicked in, we were well on our way to getting deeper into the ride and further to our next destination : Chapet lake. The road that we used climbs through a winding ghat road and passes by small villages that cultivate fields of wheat. The clean air, clear roads and pristine landscapes really leaves you with a sense of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city , while not spending a fortune on time and money doing it.

As the day continued we headed closer to the Lake, first taking an approach road then cutting over the dam using a dirt road ; finally going totally off-road to chill by the banks of the lake. The water is as clear as it gets and has a blue-aqua green tinge that invited the body and mind for a swim – so that’s what we did.

As we popped open the chilled juices from the cooler and snacks we brought along, we got to talking more about bikes, our day jobs, the places we had been, the places we would like to go and of course more plans on travelling together.

A little before noon , we set out again this time climbing towards the ghat roads that lead to Panshet dam and with the first half of the day spent of on some awesome riding stretches, we decided to stop by the lake shore at Panshet for a BBQ styled lunch.

We soon descended the ghat roads , riding closer towards the lake shores. Getting off the main road , we set up camp for the afternoon, pulled out the cooler for juices and water, got the salads ready and cut up the bread for our meal. Soon we had the coals glowing red and it was BBQ time! Looking back it was a simple but filling meal consumed whilst looking out onto the blue waters of the lake , the bikes parked in a line , and sipping on a juice in the shade, with the cool afternoon breeze whisking away the heat of the noon sun, and the sounds of birds in the trees nearby..

After dousing out the fire , picking up our trash and feeding a few of the local dogs the leftover bread we kickstarted the bullets once again to ride towards the east bank of the Khadakwasala lake, taking a route through small villages that lie just its banks. Though the roads were not in the best condition by now the riders were well-tuned with their machines and were acing the roads like pro’s. As we got closer to the city limits of Pune, one couldn’t but help notice a sense of wanting to come back to this place to feel the beauty of the three lakes of Chapet, Panshet, and Khadakwasla: A hidden gem just outside of the crowded city.

The Road Never Ends..